Intellectual Property and Technology

Intellectual property is often the most valuable corporate asset. Through technology and due diligence audits, we analyze and enable companies to ensure that these assets are adequately protected.

A brand is identifiable through trademarks, service marks, trade dress, trade names and domain names, and we are experienced in the creation and implementation of protection programs that ensure you reap the full benefits of brand awareness.

You need a proactive approach to protect the intellectual property rights of a new piece of work. We can share extensive experience in all aspects of copyright and design protection including registration, licensing and transfer agreements and the prevention of (or defense against) unauthorized use.

Your business data is also a key asset of your business. The exponential increase in the quantity of business data has made data protection and privacy a major global concern. However, each jurisdiction has its own set of regulations in this area. As a truly global firm, we understand the nuances of these differences. Our lawyers are highly experienced in dealing with data protection and privacy issues, whether within individual nations or helping clients navigate multiple countries.

We are also experienced in the enforcement and defense of patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret litigation matters. Our litigators will begin with an evaluation of all available options prior to the initiation of litigation, to ensure the strategy meets your business objectives, and protects your substantive rights. Throughout the course of litigation, we focus our efforts to bring about a successful resolution to the dispute – either at trial or through a negotiated settlement.