Whether you’re a multinational corporation or a growing business looking to expand overseas, keeping up with competition laws can be complex and time-consuming. And as the rules keep changing, companies face new challenges and risks because competition laws are constantly evolving.

Get it wrong, and you could face financial penalties, criminal liability, litigation, difficulty-closing deals, and damage to your reputation.

We can help you anticipate and deal with these risks before they become problems.

We represent our clients in regards to multinational mergers and joint ventures; cartel, abuse of dominance, and restrictive practice cases; and other investigations.

Areas such as mergers, markets, cartels, contractual arrangements between competitors, suppliers and distributors as well as issues with alleged abuses of dominant market positions have been investigated by the authorities using a wide range of powers.

We have highly experienced lawyers practicing antitrust and competition law who are dedicated to delivering the highest quality service in meeting clients’ needs. We fully understand today’s complex competition issues, as well as the increasingly complex relationships among corporations in a global economy.

Our lawyers respond to clients’ needs in a broad range of antitrust/competition law matters, including;

  • Pre-Merger notification and Merger Control issues;
  • Antitrust audits and compliance programs/cartel investigations;
  • Market Conduct, Cartel/Dominance cases;
  • Commercial agreements including complex IPR licensing situations;
  • Liberalisation;
  • Trade/WTO Matters;
  • Restrictive Practices;
  • Related Litigation.