1. Yurdakul International Legal Consultancy is an general practice law firm consisting of qualified lawyers.
  2. All work and services requested by Clients shall be accepted and carried out exclusively by the Yurdakul International Legal Consultancy.
  3. If services of third party service providers are to be procured, Yurdakul International Legal Consultancy shall where possible consult with the Client beforehand and, in any event, exercise due prudence in the selection of such service providers. Yurdakul International Legal Consultancy has the right to accept any limitations of liability stipulated by service providers whose services have been procured.
  4. Any and all liability of Yurdakul International Legal Consultancy shall be limited to the amount claimable under our professional liability insurance plus the amount of the excess which in accordance with the terms of the insurance that Yurdakul International Legal Consultancy has to bear in the particular case concerned.
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