Health Law

As the health care and life sciences industries is facing with heightened government scrutiny of industry practices, it is quite complex to operate in the market for all sector players. Compliance with the evolving maze of laws and regulations is your paramount concern.

Yurdakul International Legal Consultancy Health Law Practice is uniquely positioned to guide clients through these challenging times. We are dedicated to practicing health law full-time, and, as a result, are well-versed in the many day-to-day issues confronting the health care industry. The breadth and depth of our knowledge and experience informs our advice in related litigation, transactional, and investigative matters. We know your business. We know your industry.

Our Health Law Practices includes;

  • Accreditation, Licensing & Certification;
  • Fraud & Abuse, Compliance & Regulatory Counseling;
  • Health Information Technology;
  • Merger & Acquisitions and other transactions;
  • Privacy and Security;
  • Audits, Investigations and Litigation;
  • Malpractice.