CE Mark Certificate

CE Marking is seen on many goods in the free circulation in the European Economic Area.

This marking, meaning “conformity to Europe”, indicates that the goods being sold are inspected according to minimum safety, environmental and health protection requirements.

Aforementioned inspection procedures should be completed before the entrance of the goods to the market following the product suitability assessment procedures (modules) that include testing, inspection and/or CE Mark certifications. Manufacturers must apply to the authorized institutions to submit the conformity assessment procedure in this area, if necessary, by confirming the regulations in which their goods are covered.

The main characteristic of the EU regulations is that the goods bearing the CE marking should be limited to the basic criteria setting out the high health and safety requirements. The key criteria refer to the inherent hazards of the goods, so that if the manufacturers do not take part in the standards they use, they should carry out risk analyzes and keep them in their technical files.

Unfortunately, the basic criteria indicate the results that should be achieved or the hazards to be avoided, but do not inform on the technical solutions or how to deal with these hazards. In this way, manufacturers can only reach definite solutions that comply with the basic criteria and details of implementation using relevant standards or specifications.

EU regulations oblige manufacturers to prepare a technical file including information to prove that their goods conform to the basic criteria and to keep this file for ten years.

The designated institution carries out the calibration, testing, inspection and certification activities specified in the conformity assessment procedures in cases where third party approval is required by regulation. Designated institution shall be appointed by the competent authorities in accordance with the provisions specified in the relevant regulation and shall be notified to the EU Commission.

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