Our Firm at a Glance

Yurdakul International Legal Consultancy is a general practice law firm in Turkey led by Erman M. Yurdakul, LL.M, focusing on all aspects of legal corporate and business matters in Turkey and globally.

Under the leadership of Erman M. Yurdakul, we aim to provide the highest quality law firm service on all aspects of Turkish and international legal and business matters to multinational investment companies and to be an instrumental part of each client’s success.

We work diligently not only to possess the respective legal knowledge and communicative skills necessary, but also to understand the business environment in which our clients operate. We seek long-term relationships with our clients and aim to provide the best possible solution to the client’s legal needs with our understanding of the business and sector requirements.

We realize that counsels do not just manage legal work; they are expected to be business partners and contribute to the organization’s overall success. This means you need us to do more than just great legal work. You need us to be your strategic partners, as well as legal counselors who understand your industry and your business. Our lawyers need to help your organization make money, save money and present you with ideas to help you reduce cost, manage risk and succeed in your professional role.

That’s why we run our business the way you run your business, making important investments in our firm, client relationships and the future of the legal profession. We understand your need for high-quality, cost-effective legal services.

Our firm has developed a strong subject matter focus which enable us to present you precise recommendations to help solve your business and legal issues.

Our pricing and project management teams help us develop alternative fee arrangements that enable us to meet your needs, give you pricing predictability and achieve expectations on any project.

Our goal is to provide exceptional and solution-based client service to our clients.